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Reading is a good means of learning new things. That obviously applies to anything, and photography is just one of the many where it applies. If you have gained the habit of reading, then good for you. It will take you to monumental heights. I think of it as a kick-start to something great.

The state of being safe

"Circle Shelters" Theme: The state of being safe

Putting what we read (just like this blog) into practice would only make us better than just reading it and learned it by concept.

And one of my favorite places to gain skills for becoming a great photographer is to practice and train by joining contests, or challenge groups. However, there is a difference between the two.

Contests are often launched with a cause. Commercial, promotional, advertorial are some of the sources of these contests. The huge prices and awards are what makes contests more interesting and attractive to photographers, professional and not.

Challenge groups are oftentimes created with the aim to learn, camaraderie and fun. Most don’t have luxurious prices. The excitement comes from having the nod of fellow contributers that gives your masterpiece the approval of being a great photo bounded by the rules of the challenge.

I joined similar challenges in the past but is currently active with a flickr group named “NikonD40/x/60 Challenge Group”. Here is a link to it’s home page. I’m a D40 user and this is where I poured several entries and attempts to contribute for the weekly challenges. It’s fun to view other photographs creativity and artistry –makes my mind sparkle with ideas.

Below are some of my previous entries.

Pedicab on Flickr

Pedicab, Theme: Public Transportation

At Peace on Flickr

At Peace, Theme: Peace

Feeding Chickens, Theme: Zoom Burst


Written by Jervis

November 22, 2008 at 3:28 pm