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Things you need to get started

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Here is a list of the things you need to start treading the waters of digital photography.

1. Digital Camera. Of course, you need this to capture images.

There are three major distinctions: Point-and-Shoot (P&S), Bridge and Single Lens Reflex (most commonly called SLR). Point and shoots are handy, compact and lightweight cameras that can fit anybody’s pocket.

Bridge cameras are also compact cameras except that they are packaged with more features and functions than P&S, such as longer zoom or wider angle ranges.

SLRs are often bulky but handsome cameras. If you’re using either P&S or Bridge, that’s just fine. If you have a DSLR (D stands for Digital) that’s even better.SLR camera allows you to see the same way the sensor does. It gives a better control in shutter speed, aperture stop and truck-load of other settings that makes shooting pictures very exciting. These, we’ll discuss on a future blog posts.

2. Ideas. If you lack it, you’ll probably just be shooting like one of those photographers for ID photos. One of the keys to creating beautiful photographs is not possessing the most expensive and recent camera but by having the creative mind and ‘eye’ for amazing images.

3. Willingness to learn. We all started to beginning. Digital photography is the same as all the others. No one is born with the skill to play drums, nor the ability to write proses. I believe in the mantra everything can be learned, and digital photography is no exception.

4. Read. Reading is an important element in learning. Forums is a rich source of valuable information and if you like frequenting in one too many photography forums, you’ll encounter the words “read the manual”. Take that to heart, and do read the manual, if you haven’t done yet. You’ll be caught surprised of the unfound gems(i.e. features) of the camera you’re holding.

5. Determination. Gas drives the car’s engine for it to move. Determination is like gas. It disappears over time. You need to keep your determination to become the “photographer” that you want, checked and always on the radar.

6. Focus. You can have it auto or manual! 🙂 Seriously, as you go along shooting and pressing that shutter, put up your perspective, list your personal objectives (like do you want to be a landscape artist or fashionista photographer) and develop your style. Maintain your focus to your objectives and goals. Don’t quit on learning just a thing or two. Encourage yourself to learn new things and keep that focus sharp!


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April 16, 2009 at 10:45 pm

Each Day Is A Chance To Learn

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I’m always an advocate of change. I like change itself since it brings life to a dying one.

Today is the start of the 31 days to building a better blog spearheaded by Problogger and I eagerly signed up a few days ago. My reason is simple, I want this blog to improve, and keep it better.

Day 1 task is to write an ‘elevator pitch’ to get things started. Read about the project here.


“Each Day is a Chance to Learn”

The New Photographer aims to help novice photographers (newbie) learn the art of digital photography.

This is how you do it... Bird Photographer in Candaba, Pampanga

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April 6, 2009 at 11:17 pm